Berkeley County South Carolina Sheriff's Office

Randy Demory


Hill-Finklea Detention Center

| (843) 719-4390

Randy Demory has worked in corrections for 40 years, having started in 1979 with the 50 bed Brown County Jail in Aberdeen SD.

In 1988 he joined the Kent County Correctional Facility in Grand Rapids, MI as a deputy sheriff working in corrections.

He subsequently worked in every area of the jail as a corrections officer and occupied positions in training, intake, classification, and special project management.

He was promoted into the positions of shift sergeant, classification sergeant, classification lieutenant, administrative lieutenant, administrative captain and security captain.

He ultimately became the Captain in charge of this three-facility, 1,400 bed jail system with responsibilities over security, programs and administration.

Mr. Demory has served on the boards of several community and criminal justice organizations.

He holds a master’s degree in Education and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

In 1998, Mr. Demory became associated with the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) Jails Division as a technical resource provider in the areas of Objective Jail Classification, Inmate Behavior Management and Reentry Programming.

In that role and as an independent consultant he has aided hundreds of jail officials through on-site technical assistance and by instructing in classification, inmate behavior management, jail inmate reentry and other topics at workshops around the country.

Mr. Demory joined the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office in February 2015, as Director of the Hill-Finklea Detention Center.