Berkeley County South Carolina Sheriff's Office

Special Services

083 DSC 6672

Reserve Officers

Berkeley County has one of the largest contingents of Reserve Officers in the State. An average of 40 Reserve Officers are available to augment patrol squads and perform special patrol assignments. These officers are trained and certified by the state. Classes are offered on an as needed basis. For information, call the Training Coordinator at (843) 719-4660 or Captain Dean Kokinda at (843) 719-4668.

Crime Watch

Crime Watch encourages residents in a subdivision, neighborhood, or rural area to be observant of activities and to report suspicious activities to the Sheriff’s Office. A booklet is available from the Sheriff’s Office, which explains how to organize and conduct Crime Watch activities in your area. You can receive more information about Crime Watch by calling (843) 719-4465.

Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Analysis Unit records criminal incidents in the County. Crime statistics are available by visiting


The Sheriff’s Office is fortunate to have committed Volunteers who augment the full-time staff. Volunteers provide their services in the Detective’s Office and in Crime Analysis. Persons who are interested in volunteering should call (843) 719-4302.

Traffic Escorts

Traffic Escorts are available for funerals, parades, and other organized events. Call the Uniform Patrol Division at (843) 719-4452 to request this service.

Victim’s Advocate

A Victim’s Advocate is available to victims of violent crime, including domestic violence. Referral to other agencies, legal assistance, and counseling are available to victims. To reach the Victims’ Advocate please call (843) 719-4455.

Special Patrol Requests

Special Patrol Requests are available when citizens are out of town or away from their homes for an extended time. Call the Uniform Patrol Division at (843) 719-4412, or complete the secure e-form located on this website.