Berkeley County South Carolina Sheriff's Office

Internal Affairs

It is the policy of the agency to accept all complaints of alleged employee misconduct; to conduct a fair and impartial investigation of the complaint; to determine whether the complaint is valid or invalid; and, where indicated, take appropriate action.

Category Definitions

  1. Participation in Criminal Actions on or off duty
  2. Excessive Force
  3. Unlawful arrest, search or seizure
  4. Harassment – Improper police action based on discrimination
  5. Demeanor – Offensive or abusive language, actions which have the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  6. Serious Policy Violation – Insubordination, false statements, improper activities on or off duty, etc.
  7. Minor Policy Violations – Tardiness, uniform or vehicle appearance, etc.
  8. Miscellaneous – All other

Citizen Complaint form

Download the Yearly Summary Report for Internal Affairs Statistical Summary for the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office