Berkeley County South Carolina Sheriff's Office

Neighborhood Watch

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The Neighborhood Watch Program is organized to enable the police and the community to work together to make specific geographical areas more crime resistant to reduce crime.

It is a citizen involvement, neighborhood and community-based effort, designed to help citizens and the sheriff’s office in preventing primarily residential burglaries.

In harmony with the philosophy of Community Policing, Neighborhood Watch encourages strong working relationships between patrol officers and the citizens they serve.

Neighborhood Watch, Crime Watch, whatever the title, is one of the most effective and least costly methods to prevent crime and reduce fear.

The Watch idea is adaptable. A Watch can be organized around any geographic unit.

For more information about how to form a watch group, or information about existing groups in your area, contact the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 719-4465 and ask to speak with a deputy on the Community Action Team that is assigned to your particular area, or Crime Prevention Division.

Why Neighborhood Watch?

Who Can Be Involved?

What Does A Neighborhood Watch Do?

What Are My Responsibilities As A Watch Member?

What kind Of Activities Should I Be On The Lookout For As A Watch Member?

How Should I Report These Incidents?


Watch groups are not vigilantes and do not assume the role of the police. They only ask citizens to be alert, observant, and caring and serve as extra eyes and ears for law enforcement and their neighbors.