Berkeley County South Carolina Sheriff's Office

Support Services

Captain Bobby Shuler commands the Support Services Division. The Support Services Division includes the Training Unit, Records Unit, Duty Office and the newly formed Animal Control Unit. Captain Shuler commands specialized units to include Marine Patrol Unit, Rescue Unit, the Sheriff’s Explorer Post. Captain Shuler also serves as the tactical commander of the Special Response Team.

Training Unit

The training unit is responsible for coordinating and conducting training for all LE-1, LE-2, and LE-3 personnel assigned to the Sheriff office. They also assist with training for Detention Officers, Reserve Deputies, Sheriff Special Deputies, Retirees, and Sheriff Office Auxiliary Personnel. The unit also coordinates with the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA) for Basic LE training and advanced training.

In 2019, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office was designated as a regional academy training point for local agencies recruit training. The unit conducts monthly block training for annual firearms and less lethal weapons training, legal updates, driver’s training and other mandatory training. Deputies certified in specific areas of training assist the unit as a collateral duty. Members of the unit also coordinate all travel arrangements associated with training.

In 2019, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office procured a MILO firearms simulator through a federal allocation grant. This will assist our deputies to train for split second judgments in critical incidents.

The simulator will also allow deputies to improve their proficiency with their weapons without expending ammunition and procuring time at our range. The Sheriff’s Office also developed an outdoor range to enhance our firearms training. This allows the Sheriff’s Office control over the costs for firearms training and the flexibility of training times and dates.

Duty Office

A corporal and six civilians staff the duty office. Duty Officers are responsible for answering the phones, taking reports over the phone or from persons who walk in the Sheriff office requesting an incident report. They are NCIC (National Crime Information Center) full functional certified. This allows them to conduct inquiries, enter NCIC data, remove NCIC data from the system and conduct NCIC validations.

Duty Officers also run criminal histories for the Sheriff’s Office as well for other agencies. In addition, they also run agency arrest warrants for dispatch and deputies. They issue non-ferrous metal permits.

Records Unit

The Records unit is staffed by three civilians and an expungement clerk. Agency reports and documents go through this division. They are reviewed for any errors. The Sheriff’s Office is transitioning to a new records management system in 2019. 

Records Unit personnel shall receive training required for the new system which will increase the efficiency of all divisions.
Records personnel also are responsible for responding to Freedom of information records requests. They run criminal history checks, military background checks and DSS background checks. Records personnel enter warrants and protection orders. They process Concealed Weapons Permit entries and responses. They enter NCIC (National Crime Information Center) validations and checks and process Rule 5 requests and expungements.

Citizen’s Academy

The Sheriff’s Office offers Berkeley County citizens the opportunity to sign up for the Sheriff’s Office Citizen Academy. Citizens attend one night a week and are provided insight to all the functions of the Sheriff’s Office. They are given tours of the facilities. Demonstrations are provided by the K9 unit and the Special Response Team.

This program has been very well received by the participants. The Sheriff’s Office offers this program annually to the citizens of Berkeley County.

Citizens Academy

In 2018 Duty Office handled


window assists

and wrote

1,525 incident reports

1,636 supplemental reports

1,535 repo/tow reports


  • FOIA request – 258
  • Criminal Histories – 9,862
  • NCIC Validations – 4,896
  • Expungements – 875
  • Warrants Entered – 1,486
  • Protection Orders Entered – 148
  • Other NCIC Entries – 1,108
  • NCIC Hits Handled – 734
  • Secondary Checks – 3,743
  • In-House Checks – 8,856
  • CWP Entries – 1,419
  • CWP NCIC Responses – 1,317
  • Rule 5 Orders – 236
  • DSS Background Checks – 2,213
  • Military Background Checks – 556