Berkeley County South Carolina Sheriff's Office

Judicial Services Division

Captain Jimmy Mixson commands the Judicial Services Division which includes Court Security, Warrants, Civil Process, Judgements, and Wrecker Rotation. These units work together as a team assisting each other to ensure the mission of the Division is accomplished.

Court Security

The Berkeley County Courthouse is home to the Circuit Court, Family Court, Probate Court, and the Master in Equity Court. 

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office is tasked with providing security for these courts. 

Deputies assigned to the unite are responsible for screening all persons entering the courthouse and they inspect every courtroom prior to each session of court.

In 2019, the Sheriff’s Office instituted video bond hearings to improve the safety and increase the efficiency of the hearings.

In 2018, 996 sessions of court were held.

Warrants/Civil Process & Judgments

The Warrants unit is responsible for serving criminal arrest warrants, check warrants, family court, general sessions, and magistrate bench warrants. The Warrants/Civil Process Unit is also responsible for serving jury summons and assisting with foreclosures. Civil process papers may include notices, summons and complaints, restraining orders, subpoenas, rule to show cause, attachments, mechanic’s liens, claim and delivery and writs. Since Sheriff Lewis took office in 2015, the number of warrants in the system have been reduced by more than half. The Sheriff’s Office also received 248 new judgements and collected $2,422 in fees. Six judgements were satisfied for a total of $16,832.

Wrecker Service Management

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office maintains a list of local wrecker companies to be called for service. 

To ensure our citizens are treated fairly by these companies, a standard fee schedule has been established. 

Wrecker companies on the list are inspected by Sheriff’s deputies twice a year.