Berkeley County South Carolina Sheriff's Office

Collateral Duties

Consists of the Special Response Team, Crisis Negotiation Team, Marine Patrol, Underway Recovery Team, Rescue, and Bike Team.

Special Response Team (SRT)

Major David Brabham is the Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT) Operations Commander. Captain Bobby Shuler is the Tactical Commander of the team. The SRT is responsible for providing specialized trained and equipped personnel to respond to high risk situations. These include high risk search warrants, barricaded subjects, hostage situations or any other situations that the Sheriff or his designee deems necessary for SRT response. Deputies must successfully pass a rigorous physical agility test, firearms qualification, mental aptitude scenarios, an obstacle/ stress course and a review panel to be selected to the team. The team trains monthly to ensure the proficiency of the unit. The unit trained over 96 hours last year and attended a week long SWAT summit.

Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)

Captain Annie Jackson is the Commander of the Crisis Negotiation Team. The team is comprised of deputies trained to safely resolve critical incidents such as barricaded armed suspects and hostage takers. The team trains monthly and semi-annually with the Special Response Team.

Marine Patrol

Lieutenant John Peters serves as the Marine Patrol Supervisor. Members of the Marine Patrol Unit patrol Lake Moultrie and the waterways in Berkeley County. They promote boater safety and enforce state laws concerning the safe operation of watercraft. Unit members also respond to incidents on the water to assist in the recovery of persons, articles, vehicles or other items of evidentiary value to support law enforcement objectives. The Marine Patrol also supports the Underwater Recovery Team (URT) operations and assists the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) during special events and general law enforcement activities.

Underwater Recovery Team

(URT) – Captain Michael Crumley is the Underwater Recovery Team (URT) Commander. URT responds to incidents involving the recovery of persons, articles, vehicles or other items of evidentiary value to support law enforcement objectives.
Graphic: During 2018,the team assisted with 3 anti-terrorism missions at the Naval Weapons Station and supported the law enforcement operation at the Cooper River Bridge Run. The team conducted 1 body recovery mission and 4 evidence recovery missions. The URT team trained for a total of 1,417 hours in 2018.


Lieutenant Jason Potteiger supervises the Rescue Squad. In 2018, the Sheriff’s Office assumed the responsibility for rescue operations pertaining to marine and ground search rescue. The Marine Patrol worked several assignments and events to include Coon Fest, Operation Hammerhead, Operation Shrimp and Grits, the Cooper River Bridge Run, the Short Stay Recreation 4th of July Celebration and numerous weekend holiday events. The unit also assisted local, state and federal agencies with fifteen rescue and recovery missions and five enforcement and security missions. There are currently twenty-five trained Sheriff’s Office personnel assigned to the Marine Patrol Unit as a collateral duty along with thirteen Sheriff’s Office Auxiliary personnel.

Bike Team

Lieutenant Neal Johnson supervises the Bike Patrol Team. The Bike Patrol Team patrols subdivisions and works special assignments and events. The team also works with local agencies to support their missions and events. The specially equipped bikes allow deputies to patrol areas that are not accessible to vehicles. This is very beneficial in neighborhoods experiencing car break-ins, burglaries or drug issues. There are currently six bike certified Community Action Team members and four bike certified deputies in the Uniform Patrol Division.