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In Your Home

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<ul><li> Keep doors locked at all times</li><li> Do not hide door keys outside of your home</li><li> If door keys have been lost, change the locks or re-key immediately</li><li> Avoid giving your house keys to anyone other than family members or trusted friends</li><li> Be sure the exterior of your home is well-lit at night</li><li> Instruct children never to answer a doorbell or a knock at the door</li><li> Put curtains or blinds on all windows and keep them closed at night</li><li> Install solid wood or metal doors equipped with good deadbolt locks</li><li> Move exterior door hinges to the interior or install non-removable hinge pins</li><li> Install a wide-angel peephole for a full view outside the door</li><li> Do not leave clubs or night spots with strangers or invite them to your apartment or home</li><li> When moving into a house or apartment, change or re-key all locks</li><li> Know the neighbors you can trust in an emergency</li><li> When returning home, have your keys ready and enter the house as quickly as possible</li><li> Use your initials rather than your first name in the phone book and on your mailbox</li><li> If you hear a prowler inside your house, get out of the house, if  possible, exit through a back door or window to avoid any confrontation  with the prowler</li><li> If you sense that something is not right, do not go into your home or apartment, call the police</li><li> If a stranger asks to use your phone, get the information and place  the call for the requestor, do not allow any stranger into your home</li><li> Never let it be known that you are home alone</li><li> Avoid going out alone at night </li></ul>
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