Berkeley County South Carolina Sheriff's Office
January 14, 2020 - By :

While Walking

Categories: Personal Safety, Protecting Against Sexual Assault
  • Avoid walking alone at night
  • Walk only on busy, well lit streets
  • Vary your daily routine
  • Carry a whistle
  • Do not walk too closely to the inside of a sidewalk, near bushes, alley entrances, driveways or entrances to private places
  • Try not to overload yourself with packages
  • Do not hitchhike or accept rides from strangers
  • If a car approaches and the driver bothers you, walk in the opposite direction
  • If someone asks you for directions from their car, do not walk over to them, make them speak louder
  • Don’t walk through dark parking lots, parks or other dark places
  • If you think someone is following you, do not go home, go instead to a neighbor’s house, open business or other well lighted place where there should be people to help you
  • If you arrive home by taxi or with a friend, ask them to wait until you are inside your home