Berkeley County South Carolina Sheriff's Office
January 14, 2020 - By :

Identification of Property

Category: Home and Property Safety
Having a record of your property is essential to being able to recover it should you be the victim of a property crime. In order to get an item back from a pawnshop or other party, you must be able to positively identify it.
This can be done by taking photos of the item, including the serial number along with an overall photo of it and by having an “owner applied number” on it. To do this, you can engrave your driver’s license number along with the SCDL prefix on the back metal plates of your appliances, stereos, TV etc. for identification purposes.
Items that cannot be engraved, such as jewelry, antiques, and firearms or heirlooms, should be photographed and regularly appraised for accurate value.
The best way to recover stolen property is to keep a written record of all items. Be sure to include the serial number, make, model, reasonable replacement cost, and general description.
This record will allow the items to be entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer, and the victim will be notified if a stolen item is recovered. It will also aid in the prosecution of those who may have or had possession of the items.