Berkeley County South Carolina Sheriff's Office

C.J.I.S. and I.T.

Dan Barcus serves as the agency’s C.J.I.S. (Criminal Justice Information Services) Compliance Officer and serves as the I.T. (Information Technology ) Liaison.

In 2016 Sheriff Lewis created a position to establish a C.J.I.S. Compliance Officer to ensure that the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office was in compliance with SLED (South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division) requirements.

Deputy Barcus was additionally assigned as a Liaison to the Berkeley County Government Information Technology Department to assist in furthering the Sheriff’s Office technology needs. Beginning in 2016 and continuing through today, the unit works to implement technology that better serves the citizens of Berkeley County and increases accountability and efficiency within the Sheriff’s Office.

A major goal set by Sheriff Lewis was to improve the technology of the agency to become more efficient within the sheriff’s office and to establish transparency and trust within the community.

The Sheriff’s Office has been awarded grants to purchase body worn cameras and dash cameras. These video systems are critical to ensure the transparency of the Sheriff’s Office. Mobile data units allow deputies to spend more time in the community and allow greater access to data.

The new integrated public safety software management suite will greatly enhance the capabilities of the Sheriff’s Office for Central Dispatch, Sheriff’s Office Records Management and the Detention Center Records Management.

Technical Upgrades

Dash Cameras Body Cameras
Approximately 75 in-vehicle camera systems and nearly 150 body-worn cameras have been deployed to Sheriff’s deputies. By the end of 2019, all patrol vehicles will be equipped with in-vehicle cameras.

Mobile Data Access
More than 100 mobile data units have been configured and deployed to deputies, allowing them to access data and prepare reports while remaining in the field. These units are a critical piece of the new enhanced records management system.

Updated Records Management System (RMS)/Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Jail Management System (JMS)
These programs are expected to be operational by the end of 2019. These programs will increase proficiency and more efficiently utilize data.